Heverlee @ AVA Festival

This was our installation ‘Mirrored Giants’ for Heverlee Beer at AVA Festival 2019.

Watching AVA grow over the years and seeing the vibe they were creating back home in Belfast, I wanted to get involved. When the Heverlee competition came up I went all out, really pushing the parameters of what was achievable with the budget.

Using the Giants Causeway as influence, tying in with our geometric aesthetic and links to home – Ireland. We put our own spin on this adding mirrored reflections, light and video. We designed and built a total of 18 small mirrored hexagons, at different depths, and 1 large central infinity hexagon. 6 of the small hexagons were infinity with video LED bars inside. The large central hexagon had 6 bespoke LED video panels, playing our custom content.

All of this was rigged overhead and was the entrance to the festival. Our team went above and beyond on this! Great to be bringing something home to Belfast and to be involved with AVA.
Production: 19MIL + Colourblind
Design: 19MIL
Video Content: Civilised Mess
Photography: The Hype Factory