In 2017 we were commissioned to design & build stages and installations across Lovebox, Citadel, Wilderness and Wireless festivals.

We designed and built the Fabric stage for Lovebox, London. It consisted of 48 mirrored cuboids, 24 of which had LED screens behind 2way mirror on their front face. We created an infinity DJ riser with LED screens inside and also an LED neon of the Fabric logo. Video content played through the cuboids and the DJ riser. This is an effect that we have developed several times since. The 5 columns in the tent were clad in gold & silver mirror with an infinity central column.

All of this was designed and built from the warehouse we had back in 2017, just off Lea Bridge Rd on 19 Millicent Rd. Where 19MIL originated.
Stage Design: 19MIL
Set Build: 19MIL
Art Direction: Joanna Mary-Mountain
Lighting: Fineline Lighting
Visuals: Jake Hall