Artist Plinths

We commissioned several artist to do murals on huge plinths we constructed for Lovebox festival, 2017.
Cash and I had met several years before working at Shangri-La, Glasto – so naturally he was first on the list as I’m a huge fan of his geometric style.

The next two artists commissioned were Nick and Lucas. They were using the space on Lea Bridge Rd. to paint the London Riviera, which has now been repurposed as part of Costa Del Tottenham’s summer terrace. Nick was one of the original founders of The Designers Republic, amongst many other accolades and Lucas was just about to start his masters at the RCA. From what they were already creating for the London Riviera, we were excited to see what they would produce. They didn’t disappoint.

Gavin and George (our core crew for 19MIL that summer) headed up the remaining plinths. I’d taken a photo of a sunset in Brazil earlier that year, which I wanted to recreate with a painted fade. Gavin mastered that and George followed with the letters L O V E.
Art direction: 19MIL
Build Manager: Oscar Medley-Whitfield

Lucas Croall
Nick Phillips
Carl Cashman
George Mein
Gavin Smith