Crossgar, Co. Down, N. Ireland

This was fun to build over lockdown. What started last year as a promise to my godson Bodie, escalated quite a bit and became a project for all nine nieces and nephews. I roped my Dad in to help build the treehouse.

A triangular base sits between 3x trees in my parents garden, 2 meters from the ground. Each tree has clamps around the tree trunks, which the frame is secured to and a large platform builds onto this. 2x step ladders access the platform, with their own trap doors and railings containing all sides. The treehouse further extends upwards from the platform, accessed underneath with a step ladder and another trap door.

After the main construction was completed I wanted the treehouse to blend into its surroundings, so decided to clad the exterior in mirror, reflecting the trees and nature surrounding it. Coloured LED floodlights wash the treehouse at night, illuminating the trees with coloured light.